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>> i will pay g mustache. "morning k todd next. thanr coming1= couple years. 0r fou more years, president obama rides to re-election losing just one of the, nine states that his teamups when th. they won seven others. as of this morning they lead in a state where they're stillere ? my home state of florida. democrats don't just hold the sena elizabetwa potential superstar laden class of senators including thrwomen incumbents will make upof senatn
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and the house stays in looming for is s boehnerand good morning fr edition of "the daily todd. ahead this morning, senator elect angusg maine. who he will kau can cuss wh. n . w eltalk about in the future hy.t repubcan party, mike right to my first ads.ud it took president obama ectly 12 minutes longer to win his at nd term than a first 11:12 p.m. we're not even 12 hoursmo that clear t obama term#
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will face enormous challenges in trng to %resolve the country's if iscal future and create a governing coalition to make that halet's lo a victy winning at least 303 votes tothis hour in florida wh =fpresident leads by it lks like at this moment 50,000 twe thind favor theing to start cnt but those margin of victory was smaller than in b2008. in the end demographics and' n the por n to ctrol of the defend theaucus could stillbers for th president's second up
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to 54 seats perhaps. two senate races leads danny se to c the trailing with 100% we one of the nastiest races in the cotry.] michele bachmann squeaked to victory wig terear. speaking of nasty raan beat fellow democrat howard berman and that fight in district even got physical, of course. pepublicans ke c ofhe hous delivering washington fthe
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o senior adviser davidplouffe' states, and that was the state of north carolina are where romney pulled narrow three-point victory. thedp president's midwest firewl held firm. a win in ohipushed the obama the elect0oral the president wonhe beat romney wisconsi ryanake ryan really tht much m then the president won out he w we expected, a fairly wide da. he beat romney bois romney's family spends his summers. hurricaoyment rate, or even the auto bailo what proved hard ea ago the white
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port it dropped fro 74% 72% in 20ident y have w just 39% of white voter carried nearly eight in ten nonwhite voterslung 93% of tinoe of the electorate than they did four years that's right. a higher percentage of the electorate. romney also fell short on the issue which was supposed to be which rs p!7icked as their top ncern, the economy. arly as m the president would behe bestá to 49%/48% there. and they pd president on the econoc valuesch with people like you. he won that question by ten popresident declare the end
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campaignú with a speech he couldave d her last night as the time to call for unity. i believe we can seize this fure together because we a re not as divided as we're not as$j scycahe punds and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united. >> as supporters watched the4 president offering to meet with him in theing days and even >> i just spoke with governor romn agratulated him and pzfaulht ca george mitt, the romney fily has to american
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public service. >> with the tough road divided president pledged >> you elected us to focus on your jobs not ours. and in the coming weeks and months, i am looking forrd the challenges wean only solve together. 523rd day of hishan 90 minutes networks projected the vior presidentialace. >> like soany of y paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all7 to this campaign. i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes toea ferent nation chose anothereao ann and i join with you to earnestly(= pr for him. he called on his party tocc
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the outcome of the=d race but n as a scitizen. >> at a time like this we can't risk bickering political posturing. outhe aisle to do the people's work. and we citizens also havto rise to the ocsi>> interesting ri party is the spgeaker of the house, john ner. it will be interesting to watch how the fis whe things sta next year on january 5th when theres congress. in the end after a $election, w something looks an awful lot like÷ thewashington. after fighting tooth and nail for 18 months, the president is in democrats keep control of the senate and not only that may ga gund. only losing a few seats. thf the president's supporters was matched b
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disappointment on the other sigh. our exit polls, 49% of vot2ers told us they have positive nist. 49% say they feel negative. a look at jt how divided the untry andresident is that the president has to question that's his. coming up after a status quo election wl be status too? connell had a statement that was hardly cli endorsed the failures or excesses of the pr given himini asked him to now it's tame for the solutions actually have ae of republican controlled house of representatives and a closely divided senate. house speaker john boehner was if there is a mandate, it is a ground. boy, totally different tones i . realize have a tough fight for re-election, possibly for renominati and for his senate seat in kentucky
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boner makes a statement also on the fiscal cliff negotiations today at 3:30 this afternoon. will either party ultimaty have a mandate in those negotiations as they go forward? will republican lawsuits produce soul-searching? does boehner and mcconnell#+c figure out the best thing to do is do a of the of the pick tíq scab if now and start anew when calendar turns?it will be ier races that have not been decided members of congress are in trouble. the open seat in arizona. second. gabby gifford's former seat. the open sea in arizona nine uncalled. dan lun green is
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votes. the open seat in california 26. we don't know what will happen there. 100% are in . mary bono mack is behind. will she join her husband coming an congress. bilbray is behind with 100% reporting in california as we mentioned already, incumbent allen west is behind in florida 18 with all the votes counted. representative menechek is leading. that appears to be a couple thousand votes apart. ke mcintyre, will he be one of the few blue dogs that remains? he has a small lead. there will be a run-off for one house seat in louisian the third two republicans there. but if all those leads hold, nbc news is current ly projecting they could pick up eight seats in the house again. yes, we know all those 100%. mail ballots particularly out in the state of california so we'll
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see but ifíu all leads hold it'a net pickup of eight seats for the democrats in the house. there's a lot more to come on this special two-hour post-election edition of "the daily rundown." i'm basically going on no sleep so you never know what i'm going to say which is why you s. up next, the independent streak. which party will get the pleasure of angu democrats hi they have him. we'll see w plus, millions of dollars buys democrats status qeve israel on disappointment on the house side of things and what's divided government may look like. >> by having again been entrusted by the american people with the responsibility of ading the people's house. we'll never take it for granted and we will never let you down. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare...
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by itself? the recognitione have common hopes and dreams won't end all the gridlock or solve allroblems or substitute for the painstaking building" consensuscult comprs needed to move this country forward. but that commo bond is where we must begin. president obama calling for unity and bipartisanship in his speech last night and so dguest. maine governor and now senator-elect, true independent potentially, angus king. first of all, congratulations on your victory, a majority in a three-way race not just a plurality there. >> actually it was a six-
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race. >> fair enough. yes, that's true. everybody gets on the ballot in maine. i've noticed that over the years. senator, let me ask you the question that a lot of people in ou going tbe raising your hand at least for that first day of school with the democrats or with thewell, i haven't decide had yet because i have to talk to them. next day is an oen session i'm to be going down probably this weekend to washington and talking to the leadership, i suspect, of both parties and my goal is to be as independent i possibly can wiffective. we're going to see where it all comes out. i'll be making that decision, i suspect, later next week. >> so youe mcconnell and harry reid to woo you? >> i think that's a little strong. i just want to see what their understanding is of what the
6:18 am
caucus decision meuch independence i can continue to have and there are lots of considerations on something like this. so that's why i'm not making a decision until i've had those discussions. >> do you have to pick a side? >> i've looked carefully at the senate rules,nd although there is a rule that says ever senator is ;entitled to be on t another rule that says essentially the caucuses make those committee assignments. so i of purposes of organizing the senate will necessary in order to get acommt committee assignment. this is a bit of uncharted territory, chuck. and, again, to call them
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as i see them and also -- but i'm not goin down there withfol. hopeof being able to help rom harry lace to more reid and mitch monnell? >> i heard from -- the first person i heard from last night was olympia snowe, which was kind of ni. i'm going to try to get together with her before going down to washington next week. i did get a call, just a nice, very pleasant courtesy call from harryreid, not anything substantive. i' mitch mcconnell but sure we'll have discussions with everybody down there >> any washington republican reached out to you that was not named snowe? >> yes, susan collins, o other republican senator had aith herd i offered to get her coffeer.
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>> when where you're heading. >> we'll be in touch, chuck. thank you very much. >> congratulations again. >> yes, sir, thank you. i'm joined by the moderator of "meet the press." angus king will be an interestg player, david. he clearly would like -- he sounds like he wishes he didn't have to, that he would enjoy taking that power of being one independent senator. >> the streak of independence which i think a lot of senators woulde like to have, independent to come into this congress and say, let's ttle the score here a little bitnd w to governecause that, i think, is the real mandate that president obama brings into his second term, a mandate to make government work better. it's not necessarily policy ink. but pe want to government work better. >> look, what happens in the next six weeks will set the
6:21 am
tone. next w it's going to set the completely different statements from john boehner and mitch mcconnell and we have this fiscal f. with it now or are they going to punt again? >> you could make a scenario o make an argument that they punt in the course of the lame duck session and try to lay the groundwork for what be a nego simpson-bowles framework. a lot of work has been going on in t senate. bipartisan work. to resurrect it the president has to get in there and he can't -- this can't be i just it's got to be,okay, where can there be a real give and take? republicans have real choices to make. did the president win theht over tax last ni looked in that. it sure looks like it to me. maybe not on health there were other things that didn't go so well but on taxes
6:22 am
it wasn't even close. >> they have to go back and see if there's something of a grand bargain. from boner's would think there's something there. er something else. the president has an opportunity to form a natural alliance with the business community that thef the fiscal cliff. you have bankers and other corporate ceos who are saying if you don't deal with the fmisca cliff, we're in another recession. we're not going to grow as an economy. this is his moment to be flanked by with business leaders in the rose garden. >> jamie dimon all but simpson-bowles. >> and action on 0 this. this can be a new opportunity. >> dav gregory, youet the first. >> i'll shove it right bk at you and make sure you get home, my friend. >> get some sleep. it was a historic night for women candidates. a record numb of women in the next u.s. senate. still an amazingly, 0actually, lack of parity in the senate more women vote than men but,
6:23 am
still, a, historic first in th state of new hampshire. the tire delegation plus the governor t today's trivia question. since 1900 how many democratic presidential nominees have won virginia in a general election twice? tweet m tweet m first answers from us.9 i was in the ambulance
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and despite the odds, you'vr
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to state -- >> that'sth senator elect from 113thl congress with a record number of entatives women senators and in and a woman governor the entire women thampshire so that, of c includes new hhampshire's governor ect, hassan. she beat republican lamontagne and she joins me now. governor-elect hassan, i apologize for messing up your name, before the i will n/ybi. first of all, congtulations on your victory. >> thank you very much, chuck. morning. >> let me askou about how new hampshire is getting covered this rning, the an all-women delegation both now
6:28 am
in congress and in the executiv anomaly or something else going here? w we are a state with lots and lots of governmentu and opportunities for service there and a very large state so women participate apts in the political process here for a long time and as you know the first woman to serve as a governor and now a u.s. senator is jeanshaheen. >> governor-elect, did you sign the pledge, the tax pledge that normally is a big deal in a sta? >> yes, no sales or income tax,a that'sht i know you don't get elected in new hampshire uesthat.
6:29 am
do you have any concern about doing that, though, with all of the potential fiscal challenges that states have t deal with that you are already limiting your options about by doing something like that? >> well, you know, i served in the state senate for six years with retiring governor john lyan tame we lowest tax themployment rate i burdens in the country. we did of good work around our education system, cutting our high school dropout rate thi by half so our economy works well without an income or sales tax and we're focused on moving forward and implementing an innovation plan that really connects the importance of investing in education with the economy. >> a little bit of whiplash when it comes to new hampshire. the state goes back and forth depending on thelear. do you think that there is a de longerm that is going to shift this state or that because it is ays going to some years it's a
6:30 am
republican sweep like in 2010 or a democrat sweep>> what i know s to work. they like to come together and solve problems. i ink what you saw from last night's results is a return to real focus onhe job done, how to come together and move forward. i like to describe us as an all hands on deck type of statfe. everyone pitches in. you're welcome here as long as you work hard and coribute. i think last rreally show that kind of attitude again and the real focus on moving forward, getting the job done including the econy and creating jobs and i look forward to the opportunity 0 to lead the state. d vice president biden called to congratulate you. y democrats
6:31 am
call you last night that of new that you would like to share with me? >> oh, you know, i got a lot o great calls and we have a lot of great friends here in new hampshire. it was a great night. >> you're not going to say who else, one other democrat that might have called? >> as i said, there were a lot of calls and it was just a reallys and supporters and talk people of new hampshire. >> governor-elect on your victory. the 2016 presidential race, i believe, has the p set yet? pretty close. thank you very much. >> thank you. take care. the number oneg$ issue for this election was the economy. what are the markets going to do today? becky quick has a check on the markets. all right, becky, before the results came in>y yesterday you
6:32 am
saparticular would be the first place we would see the difference in betweent an obama victory would have meant verse us a romney one. >> that's playingñ out. the dow just opened and you are looking at triple digit losses by just over 100 points. i was checking jp more gap, bank of america, goldman sachs,one w don't want to mischaracterize y is more focussed on what's happening in europe than here. there were some weakness in the areas, things like defense stocks. we were looking at gains this morning before we heard from mario draghi in europe, he made some comments that shook things up and that's when the futures headed south. he said that first of all you can look for continued weakness in europe. he also said that at this point that wthat's when we saw things
6:33 am
down and right n it at the open we're down by just over 100 points for the dow. thank you very 8much. up next steve israel will join us to talk about house democrats. president obama will have to face the same divided congress he faced in his first term, at least half of it. democrats scored se victories in tough senate a ren
6:34 am
seat after joe donnelly knocked off tea party candidate richard mourdock and picked up new hampshire where elizabeth warren won. in connecticut chris murphy trounced linda mcmahon. that makes two failed senate bids in a row despite spending nearly $100 million of her own money. missouri senator claire mccaskill held her seat, ended up soundly todd55% to 39%.! drop-off voters not a problem as some in the swing state of virginia democrat tim kaine may have been helped by president obama's strong showing with africaamericans in particular beat former senator george al n allenby four points. and in wisconsin tammy baldwin defeated former governor tommy
6:35 am
thompson, 51% to 46%. the lone pickup was in nebraska where deb fischer defeated bob kerrey to grab a seat vacated by retiring democrat ben nelson. let's take a look at where things stand. two uncalled races here. this is for an open seat in north dakota would be if heidi . we have not called it. let me run through both of those just to show you the raw vote totals where we are now 0. there's still a lot of vote to count here. leads by 17,000 votes. that is everything that seems to be out. a lot of folks believe that will hold. i have a feeling this will take a little while longer. congressman rick bird only trailing by 994 votes.
6:36 am
that's pretty good math for lack of sleep. democrats may pick up anywhere at least as many as eight seats. there it went. whoop. th camera wept down. hey look, better that it went down today than before. it looks like we have -- it's going to be as many as a net gain of eight seats, at worst four seats. joining me now is the man in charge of trying to pick up house seats. it was a tough night for house democrats when you consider everything else on the board. congressman israel, how democrats did in the senate, they pick up seats, the president winning a second term decisively in the will he lelec
6:37 am
college. is districting the reason why? >> we didn't get the 25 we needed to take the majority, but weid better than anybody would have expected. the republicans in the house were saying that they were going to net 16 seats. instead we will net between six and eight seats. most of the punts said we would lose seats or maybe capt at about five seats. we've exceeded that. historic averages so we did better than anybody ever expected. >> better. >> well, look, again, we didn't get the 25 seats to get the majority but better than anybody anticipated. everything that was in our control, the fund-raising, the message, the recruiting, getting solutionists to ru surpassed expectnsin a very tig election, you take a look at history, in a very tight presidential electioparty usual up 2 1/2 seats. we picked up, as you said, between six and eight seats. so we lost 63 seats in 2010.
6:38 am
after thatnd the tea party is over. we took down a bunch of the tea party icons throughout the country so we're feeling pretty good. >> one of thehough, that didn't seem to go well, a lot of moderates or centrists that represented red areas just couldn't hold up in presidential years. what does that mean going forward for the democratic party? is it just those are places you only have a shot at in a m mid-term year? is it harder in presidential years because you get a stronger republ.b republican turnout? that's exactly what happened. some democrats in very, very =p republ republican areas where mitt romney is doing very well, you had reverse coattails. just running against -- not against a republican but against gravity in some of those districts. on the other hand we had democratic incumbents like mike. jim mathison of utah.
6:39 am
very republin districts that held on as a result of the operational plan that we so, look, coattails matter, no question about that. we had a generic environment that was absolutely dead even. almost 50/50. in 2004 when george bush got re-elected, he picked up two seats. 1996 bill clinton got elected. his party picked up three seats. we picked up between six and ooit. >> nancy pelosi, is she going to be the lr he calendar turns? >> so but that's her decision to make and i haven't talked to her about it. >> if shes not run is that something you are interested in running another leadership position should something come up? >> i have been relentlessly focused on yesterday. i got as much sleep as you did last night, chuck, and i'm not thinking about anything other than the fact there are still races on the board. we have a bunch of recounts coming in so we're focusing on
6:40 am
everyone day as it comes and there leave other decisions to later. >> does redistcting make it it democrats to win control of the house or a couple of election cycles minimum? >> no, not at all. look, i think the storyline in this election wasn't necessarily redistricting although it worked against us in some areas. it worked for us in illinois where we almost had a sweep. the storyline is not about redistricting. it is if you are an extremist tea party republican, you are going to lose. allen west lost. joe walsh lost. ann marienupstate new york lost. it doesn't matter what kind of district you have if you refuse to compromise, to govern, if you refuse to move forward, we are gog to beat you. >> ste israel, chairman of the dccc, democrat from new york. i know it's been a long night and you probably have to prep for a ton of recounts, a toofch.
6:41 am
>> a on other house races. the wife of agricultural secretary and former governor tom vilsack lost in iowa's fourth district. iowa was trying to become one to getú1 rid of that one little nugget of dubious history. iowa has never sent a elected a senator by the way, you heard him talk about mathison. he defeeded love who became a star at that republican convention. >>up next, southern switch. north carolina's governor's mansion mrips parties for the first time in 20 some of the few bright spots by republicans last night. the governor-elect joins me next. first, the white hse soup of the day. was the chef thinking it was going to be a bad day after election soup with chick noodle.
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md take beano before we'rwith questions fromtump sombing elections.kies do you know where your polling place is? maybe somewhere around my house. mine's just, right over that way. well you can find out exactly where it is using bing elections. it's a good day for politics. which way do you lean politically?y conservative. republican. well, using the bing news selector you cand news from whichever way you lean.
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(together) social on this side, financial. which party is currently edicted to win a majority in the senate? the republicans? would you make a bet on that? we're back now on this special post election day "daiy rundown. with w political director is here. along with us formerdnc communications director karen finney and buzz feed editor in but before i get to yo i want to talk on the phone now with a new governor, governor-elect and former mayor of charlotte, repu governor in 20 years. mccrory, congratulations. >> great to be on your show. it was a great night. >> you're republicans celebratinghis morning when battleground state.
6:46 am
what is different in north carolina that didn't happen for states? what made your raceat made thin mitt romney in the state of north yt i think the two uniques we did, first of all, we ran a positive campaign. in the united states, our c did not run one negative tv or every ad talked about what we wanted to do as governor, and i in in north carolina politics but national republicans but to independents and to democrats and t s think governor's race. having been mayor for 14 years and also having businessind of d what was happening at grassroots level both in business and in communities thrt
6:47 am
carolina and they're struggling. we're going through a tough time in the state right now. >> what was different for you this time th you weren't able t win and this time you did? presidential year, same thing.xj >> i think i had mormeild a rel. it's tough being a bigity mayor running. >>ittle trust issue for l areas? big city mayors beche res o north carolina that are closer to washington, d.c., than they ar to charlotte, north carolina. and i had to build a relationship during the last 6 to 12 months with those people and they saw what i did as mayor and realized maybe they could use the same type of leadership throughout the state. so i'm very, very pro o campaign and hopefully p across the country that you don't always have to go negative to win. >>hat is your advice for the national republican party? e is some soul- some of it has to do with demohics,
6:48 am
most of it's tone. i didn't change vision and my strategy, but iwe had a positiv appealing notust to republicans but to democrats and independents and our sta ttisti show that. i mean, even in my own city romney lost by 100,000 votes but [we won. and i think that sets forth the and your fill oophy and your vision and your business philosophy in the right tone, i think that appeals to people across t board. >> governor-elect pat mccrory, again, congratulations. thanks f coming on this morning and good >> thank you very much. >> our panel is stickin with us. all right. oan brightpot
6:49 am
therif you will, nationally, will. it was interesting the advice he was trying to givethere. >> and 30 governors, by the ea were of to run. what do you take away from last gh >> well, the race was surpsingly similar to the 2004 race. >> we kept saying, you are not always ready to jump on that. look at it as president basically went to the polls, got his job approval rating at the ballot t popula vote, won close battleground states. it would be interesting to see if the oba t ctory. >> do you feel like think if y history we pushed social security and congress wasn't for ready at and wasn't going d president bush gon after -immigration, we may be
6:50 am
s a party. a very different >> an interesting payg mandate and yet we claimed the 303 votes: sortthe full story.>f i think it matter. the strength of the obama campaign. that's why messina went to chicago in 2011 to start building this thing and the mattered. and the romney campan outsourced it to the rnc and er operation. and en you both get fiplus you' times. don't worry. >>re fine. >> we'll be right back with mor "the daily rundown." we'll be right back. whddy?
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yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. are you in good hands?
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lcome back. after i sobean i want to talk about what the president accomplished last night. it was methodical in many ways. wh you look at every state,tt r. er there was a b- none of the county maps really n way. main bigger. >> the other thing that the press time and last time that i think are important in the bigger story of e country is he broadened the electorate. the democratic party and this campaign -- >> younger voters bigger. 19% of theelectorate. >> unmarrd women. i said this in tea party victories. fine. you can win in those. you cannot win a general election in this country anywhere without a more broader
6:55 am
coalition of voters. that's what the president proved last night. ben smith, you can might start winniof supporter f to say you want minnesota, we'll takent pennsylvania, we'll take georgia. that sort of thing. you can see where this could be headed if republicans ar't careful. >> i think most smart republicans realize you can just try to run ahigher and mar group here. it's just not the model thecp5& romney people -- >> what was that? were they really universe? >> you know,?( the polls, they' bottles one out of 20 is junk but the others a right. >> and all the republican
6:56 am
polling assumed a% different electorate than everybody else. why? >> i think romney had the race veryc% close. popular vote is wn two points. >> these states are very close. the president won all the battleground states butorth thosei states, it'smargins. i don't think thromney polling was that off. io away from the obama campaign because impressive. we improving. the unemployment rate dropped. >> everything was improving at the right time. >> you know what though? i cannot emphasize enough the importance of reaching out to a broad coalition of americans and including more people in this guys are hanging out. jif we start the hour semi-on time, apparently that'l me. we're halfway through thisrsize
6:57 am
we don't know what we're going to say. going to have san antonior jul. he'll bus we'll tell you legal. the new amsterdam of the west and other developments f interesting to say in a turn of words. we're back more with even more "daily rundown." [ lta ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first wee [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostlity, agitation, depressed mood and suicid thoughts or actions thinking or mood, or after stopping chantix.
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